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Get started making your ideas real

Create unlimited applications for an unlimited number of users.

$65 per Reify user/month
(billed yearly)
$75 per Reify user/month if paid monthly
or try for free
Deployment options

Make it easy for yourself, and let us handle your deployment.
Choose the plan that's right for you.

Best for teams building applications for limited users.

Includes deployment onto a shared server with bandwidth and storage caps.
Small Business
Best for small businesses and micro-ISVs.

Includes a dedicated server with generous band-width and storage caps.
Best for enterprise-wide applications and enterprise ISVs.

Includes a dedicated, high-end server, no caps on band-with or storage.

Need something more? You can work with us to find a fit that works for your business. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

*Pricing is on a “usage plus” basis: costs are based on industry rates for cloud deployment, plus reasonable fees for the deployment management services we are providing. Since you can always export your application and deploy it on your own, you know you’ll never be stuck with unreasonable pricing! In particular, we will never charge you per-end-user fees.

The Deployment Management Console is included in all deployments and provides:

  • User management and authentication services
  • Direct administrative access to the DataSources used by the deployed application (search, sort, filter, edit, delete)
  • The ability to export and import data to underlying tables
  • Audit records: detailed records of changes made by users
  • Usage data: detailed activity of users in the application
  • Error logs: detailed data about errors users encounter

No Lock-in - You're Safe with Us

Reify is not like other Low Code platforms - there's no lock-in. If you want to, you can host your application yourself. In fact, we make it easy.

That means our fees for managed deployments will always be reasonable. With other vendors, some minor change to your application can kick you into the more expensive "Enterprise" tier and suddenly your costs quadruple! We don't play those games. We need to win your business with managed deployment services that are worth what you pay, and we know it! So rest easy, you're safe with us.

Reify OnSite

Reify OnSite is like having your own private behind your firewall. Your data and designs never leave your premises! Reify OnSite includes unlimited, behind-the-firewall, deployment to compatible private clouds, or you can simply deploy on the Reify OnSite server itself.

Reify OnSite allows you to customize the Reify interface itself. Reify is just a component of the underlying SmartClient platform, so everything you learn about extending and customizing Reify applications also teaches you how to customize Reify itself! You can add connectors to internal data services, add new features in the design environment, customize how deployment works - anything!

Reify OnSite's pricing is based on a per-designer-seat basis, with no additional costs for deployment. Company-wide or division-wide licenses with unlimited seats are also available, still priced based on the anticipated number of designers.


With Reify we offer extensive services to help your team be successful.

  • Accelerated Support
    Purchase support hours for your design team to get personalized help from Reify experts. You will get assistance on how-to questions for hard use cases. You can also have our team look at your projects to solve specific issues with your screens and data. We can even build your screens for you.
    We also offer support plans for your development team. These are standard SmartClient support plans (the platform that Reify applications are deployed to), augmented with Reify-specific help, like screen loading and best practices for managing Reify resources. For teams that deploy on their own, we highly recommend purchasing a SmartClient support plan.
  • Training: Your chance to learn from the experts and gain valuable hands-on experience..
  • Reify Customization: Customize or extend Reify so that it meets your team's needs!
  • Feature Sponsorship: Have a new, supported feature added instead of building it yourself.
  • Reify Pilot Program: A combination of the above services giving you the most effective way to get started with Reify.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can licenses be transferred between users?
Yes, we are happy to reassign your accounts. You can contact us to take care of the reassignment.
Are volume discounts available?
Yes! Volume discounts are available starting at four or more licenses.
Where can I find Reify tutorials for my team?
With Reify, tutorials are built right into the tool. You can access them by clicking on the graduation cap at the bottom of the tool.
Can I use Reify on more than one computer?
Yes, each user can use Reify on any number of computers.
What kind of support does Reify offer?
Our community forum is a place where you can ask questions and get help with your problems. We also offer an Accelerated Support program where you can purchase hours to get assistance with building screens and handling tough use cases. Learn more about support here.
What other services do you provide?
We offer consulting and training services for Reify. For Reify OnSite, we offer VPN-based management of Reify OnSite. With this service, our support team has VPN access to your firewalled Reify OnSite instance, enabling assistance for work-in-progress by designers, and potentially managing installation and upgrading of the Reify OnSite server. Learn more about our services here.