Reify Services

Expert help so you get the most out of Reify

Reify Pilot Program

This offering combines all of the services below, into a single program that we have found is the most effective way to get started with Reify. The pilot program typically has the following phases:

  • Requirements Roundtable: your developers and designers sit down with Reify staff to discuss goals and first projects to tackle.
  • Reify Seeding (optional): your developers work with Reify staff to pre-configure Reify for designers, for example, by adding connectors to data services used by all applications in your organization (often done while designers are in training).
  • Reify Training: multiple phases: first designers, then designers and developers, then just developers for certain advanced topics.
  • Pilot Project: your developers and designers use Reify to build the pilot project, with instant help from Reify experts on top (often, designers start on the pilot while developers complete training).
  • Tuning: a structured roundtable with developers and designers to understand what’s working and what isn’t, refine processes, and identify possible Reify extensions or configurations changes to further optimize workflow.
  • Reify Optimization (optional): your developers work with Reify experts to tune and customize Reify to optimize your organization’s workflow.

Accelerated Support

With Accelerated Support, you purchase a block of hours that your design team can use to get help from Reify experts, on-demand.

Accelerated Support is personalized so that your team can get just the help it needs. Our team can help your designers with how-to questions for hard use cases or solve specific issues with your screens and data. We can even build some or all of your screens for you.

If Reify OnSite is the best option for your business, VPN-based management of Reify OnSite is available for your team. With VPN-based management, our support team will VPN access to your firewalled Reify OnSite instance, enabling assistance for work-in-progress by designers, and potentially managing installation and upgrading of the Reify OnSite server.

Using Hybrid Development? Make sure your development team also has support.


Reify training will get you up to speed quickly, then show you the full power of Reify. Your team will be amazed at what you can do, and how quickly!

Standard courses cover topics such as:

  • Relations, multi-object views, and aggregation.
  • Advanced & branching workflows.
  • Dynamic screen-generation & screen re-use.
  • Deployment management & auditing.
  • Tuning & performance.
  • Live app editing: when and how to use it.
  • Automatic mobile adaption & device-specific tuning.

In addition to covering advanced Reify features, training covers best practices with Reify, and for teams using Hybrid Development, an additional training module is available that covers best practices for coordinating with developers.

Customized training is also available! Each team is different and has different skill sets and needs. Work with us to build the curriculum that’s right for you.

Reify Customization

Have us customize or extend Reify to better meet your needs. Reify isn’t just a fixed tool, it’s a platform, so the answer to “Can Reify do this?” is always “Yes!”.

  • Add custom components or screen templates to the palette.
  • Add new data connectors.
  • Integrate with other collaboration tools.
  • Simplify the interface for some users while exposing advanced options for others.
  • Import and transform assets from other tools.
  • Add new workflows specific to your team.

Literally, every part of Reify can be customized: anything is possible. Customizations are very affordable, and you even get to keep the source code, which you can further extend yourself. Customization is available for both and Reify OnSite.

Feature Sponsorship

Want to add a new feature to Reify for everyone?
We’ll split the bill with you!

If your extension qualifies as a Feature Sponsorship, that is, a new core feature for the product that will be available to all customers, then costs are halved, making the extension very affordable indeed.

Sponsors can even request a mention in the official release announcement! Contact us today about sponsoring the development of Reify features.